Salon Fundamentals: Esthetics Book Set



2nd Edition Textbook and Study Guide (box and Exam Prep Book not included).

Product research shows that summarizing chapter information upfront sets the stage for meaningful learning. This practice frames the content and helps learners organize and manage information.

The opening pages of every Salon Fundamentals Esthetics chapter include:

Step-By-Step Technicals

Photos and accompanying text help students visualize procedures as they move through every step of a process. The easy-to-follow format significantly raises self-confidence, making a seamless transition to hands-on applications.

Real-Life Scenarios

On the last page of every chapter, we offer students a chance to apply their new knowledge. Hypothetical scenarios require students to use decision-making skills mastered in that chapter. It’s a chance to students to mentally leave the classroom and envision themselves as successful professionals.

Key Concepts

Throughout each chapter, we use imaginative ways to call attention to key points. Look for colored text, bold print, bullets and charts. These relate to important theories your students must remember–and makes chapter review for tests much easier!

Learning Strategy

More complex technicals include a checkmark beside any step that calls for specific safety precautions. This indicates an ideal moment to check on a client’s comfort level.

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