Pivot Point Proudly Sponsors Rise of Hair

October 18th, 2022

A new concept in education, Byrd Mena founded the @riseofhair event to join the barber and hairdressing communities and combine art, fashion, and hair in one dynamic show, sponsored by @wahlpro, @booksybiz, and @pivotpointintl. Born out of necessity to bring the new generation of hairstylists and barbers an elevated experience that excites the senses, RoH is a mash-up of fashion, photography, social media, networking and trend releases. Held in an intimate setting, hosted by @byrdmena and @mattyriccs, allowed the attendees to immerse themselves in a 2-day long experience where boundaries cease to exist, artistic interpretation is endless, and inspiration is found in each artist that shares their talents.

The first day set the tone for the weekend by allowing attendees to interact on an intimate level with the RoH artists, guest speakers, and fellow hair professionals. While education is paramount, the relationships developed along the way were equally important. This first day reinforced the aspects of our industry that take place outside the scope of artistry. The connections fostered during this event are the first step in creating lifelong relationships. Collaboration is invaluable and becoming part of the Rise of Hair community is something that persists beyond the event.

Rise of Hair Pivot Point Mannequins

All about education! Day two is when attendees experienced advanced level education from multiple world-renowned artists, who also showcased finished looks. As you know, the fusion of our artistry with fashion is essential. This year showcased a full-scale runway show that combined hair artists with fashion brands, creating total looks that highlight the synergy between our industries. This was a celebration of the marriage between hair and fashion that not only represents the current trends but also sets the tone for the future.

Byrd Mena Rise of Hair Pivot Point

Meet the artists at https://www.riseofhair.com/

Rise of Hair Pivot Point Mannequins