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Joy Starts Here.

Each stand of hair holds a story waiting to be told, a canvas for creation and purpose. Our products are more than tools; they’re a promise of authenticity, quality, and social accountability. Welcome to a world where innovation meets emotion, where joy starts.

Dependable Performance block from Cap

Experience hair like never before with our meticulously hand-implanted strands that mimic natural growth patterns and densities. Immerse yourself in an incredibly lifelike experience.

Unwavering Dedication block from Cap

A story unfolds when you unbox one of our Educational Hair products. One that's been meticulously crafted for over 60 years. As real as it gets, our products embody artistry designed for those dedicated to their craft.

" The best quality hair on a mannequin. Their mannequins have realistic features and the hair is great to practice everything. "

" Every time our team has a great class or hair event, it is with our Pivot Point gear and support. "
Jesse Linares,