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Cap Series: The Future Starts Here.


Discover the CAP SERIES—our vision for the future, where the mannequins you love and trust have evolved. It’s a blend of our trusted quality and the endless possibilities of tomorrow.


One reusable headform, a wide variety of caps. Your students can easily pop different hair textures, colors and lengths on and off, mixing and matching to elevate the creative journey.

The Ultimate Student Success Bundle.
Five versatile caps, one reusable headform, and a convenient dryer post, all carefully selected to support a successful educational journey.

63 Workshops in a Box.
Our Hair Usage Chart guides educators and students on how to minimize hair waste, maximize each cap’s value, and complete all 63 workshops in our Fundamentals: Cosmetology curriculum.


Step into a universe where creativity isn’t just encouraged, but demanded. Enter the Cap Series—a tool that challenges the norm; a canvas where creative exploration knows no bounds.


The Cap Series is crafted for those who think outside the box. Its space-efficient design presents a world with fewer storage complications, fewer boxes to manage and easier transport for students.

Steer toward a foamless future with our eco-friendly, recyclable ABS plastic headform—nurturing creativity while championing sustainability.


Experience hair like never before with our meticulously hand-implanted strands that mimic natural growth patterns and densities. Immerse yourself in an incredibly lifelike experience.


A story unfolds when you unbox one of our Educational Hair products. One that's been meticulously crafted for over 60 years. As real as it gets, our products embody artistry designed for those dedicated to their craft.

Ethical manufacturing, responsible sourcing and integrity—the building blocks of our craftsmanship.

" These caps are going to change the game when it comes to mannequin heads. "
Elizabeth Faye, Hair Love Retreat
Elizabeth Faye Hair Love Retreat

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